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Finished Project?

Are you in need of high quality audio? Album/song finished and ready for the next step. Have a film, and need cinematic sfx? Bad dialouge, and need audio restoration? Even ADR recording, voiceovers, and jingles. Do we master? Yes. Email us today and find out what we can offer you. 

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Basic: 2 vocal track w/ instrumental. 48 hr return

Pro: 8 vocal tracks w/ instrumental. 72 hr return

All other sessions must be quoted before we began work. Including but not limited to:

9+ vocal tracks w/ instrumental

(?) Vocal tracks w/ instrumental trackout

Beat instrumental trackout


Movie Scores

Audio Books

& All other audio files

Protools ready; All tracks, files, and folders must be named, BPM and song key. There may potentially be additional cost for session unorganization.

"To stand out you just simply have to be different. You have mere seconds to grab the listener's attention before they skip the song and forget you."


We understand that every track has a different purpose. So is the mastering. Give us an email so we may better understand the purpose of the project. Albums, singles, etc. Send us an email today!

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